Jo was born in Bristol in 1975 and graduated with a BA Hons in Fine Art from University of Hertfordshire in 1998. She now works as a professional artist from her studio in Bath, painting landscapes which are often described as having an evocative quality.

The artist uses colour to give a sense of place, space and time, and aims to leave the viewer wondering about the human element of the painting as well as the landscape itself. The paintings mainly explore the connection between the man made environment and nature – from cottages sitting nestled in the trees, to jetties jutting out into the vast ocean. In particular she has an interest in UK rural locations in the South West of England and Wales.

“For me the process of painting is as important as the finished piece. I use the composition of landscapes as a starting point and during the process I strive for the painting to take its own course, adding or changing colour and line as I work in order to intensify the atmosphere. I hope to leave the viewer pondering about the story behind the painting – wondering who lives in that far off cottage? What is their life like?”
Jo McCarron