Lions of Bath Project

Beau Nash on the arse (because he was one)The Lions of Bath Project was a community event to raise money for charity. Artists were given a blank lion cast and had to design and paint them. My lion (who we called Percy), was sponsored by Olton. My idea was to paint my lion using a mix of plaster and sand, to give him the appearance of Bath Stone. I made cracks all over him to make him look aged. In places the stone wore away to reveal red brick (a comment about some of the modern faux Georgian architecture). All over the lion, I hand painted various images relating to history in Bath. A picture of Beau Nash, an old street scene, the Aquae Sulis Face, all revealed under the crumbling Bath Stone and surrounded by layers of hand painted peeling wall paper. Everything on the lion was made by hand. After standing for weeks in the train station, Percy fetched a good price in auction, but I’ve no idea where the old lion is now.